Advanced Fighter and Adult MMA Classes in Kenosha and Waukegan

Advanced MMA Classes in Kenosha and Waukegan

Self defense

Team Freestyle Academy

Team Freestyle Academy

The benefits of learning advanced mixed martial arts at the Academy will be different from any other MMA school. As you know, in a real combat situation there are no rules to follow, no referees, and no time limits. The effort we place on your success is second to none. We work hard and offer the best in personal attention combined with realistic, fighting and self-defense. When training students of all ages, one must keep in mind that not all goals are the same. Whether you want to challenge yourself by learning personal protection, amateur MMA, pro MMA, getting in shape, or competing in tournaments, one thing is for sure, you will have a great time doing it.

Cage fighters

For those looking for the best gym to develop and refine their cage fighting skills, we’ll let our record speak for itself.

  • Ultimate Fighting Championships: We have sent nine students to UFC, most recently for another win in 2014.
  • World Extreme Cage Fights: We have sent three students to WEC
  • Bellator MMA: We have sent a student to Bellator MMA
  • Ultimate Fighter TV show: Two students made it on the Ultimate Fighter TV show

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