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Academy’s UFC Fighters

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Below listed are UFC fighters whose training is from the Academy: Solomon Huycherson Ron Faircloth Nick Thompson Nick Agallar Kiichi ‘Strasser’ Kunimoto Jameel Massouh Dave Strasser Brian Geraghty Ben Rothwell

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Jameel Massouh and Strasser Kiichi Both Pick Up Wins at Pancrase 2/1 Show!

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In the event’s other featherweight bout, Jameel Massouh pounded out Masaya Takita with relative ease midway through the first period. As Massouh (20-4) delivered solid kicks to the body and straight punches to his foe’s face, it was only a matter of time until the right shot landed to put away Takita. To his credit, Takita (9-11-2) landed several decent low kicks, but they were not enough to keep Massouh at bay. Massouh wobbled him with a stiff left and […]

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ADCC News: Interview with Jameel Massouh in Nagoya, Japan

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Interview with JAMEEL MASSOUH Submitted by:Mark Richards Posted on : 12/21/2008 MR: Please introduce yourself, talk about your MMA record, etc. JM: Well first off, I am Jameel “The Real Deal“ Massouh. It`s beyond me how I got stuck with that fight-nickname, but I sure hope it translates well. I`m 24 years old, have been fighting professionally for almost 4 years now, and don`t plan on stopping anytime soon. My record now is 19wins with 4losses. Basically, I live for […]

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BJJ World Cup Champion Vitor Vianna Teaming Up With Freestyle Academy

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BJJ World Cup Champion Vitor Vianna Teaming Up With Dave Strasser! BJJ World Cup champion Vitor Vianna is coming to North America. From November 3rd Vianna will begin his collaboration with Dave Strasser in enhancing Jiu-jitsu classes at Strasser’s Freestyle Academy. I am very excited about this. Vitor is going to be a chief instructor of our BJJ classes in both the Kenosha and Waukegan gyms. Vianna is a world champion of BJJ but for the MMA fans, he is […]

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